Tips on how you can optimize space - make it yours


A transformative experience in Today's Philippine Property


A home is more than just a space. It's a place where you can be yourself and get creative. Small is Big. You can predict

your future a homey space in the most cost efficient and organized manner:


Here's how:

1.     Prepare a punch list of all the items you wish to bring,properly boxed and labeled according to contents.

        Guaranteed to cut down on time and avoid searching misplaced items, when D-DAY comes.
        This process also helps DE-CLUTTER our old possessions-mainly things you no longer love, use or even remember you still own          

        Be DISPASSIONATE during the clearing process, keep only treasured mementoes.
        If something has outlived its usefulness,LET IT GO.
        It makes you analyze and realize to stop and think before you start buying again.

        Appetite for buying can sometimes be laced with guilt, then this is the best time to RE-EVALUATE and buy what is essential.



2.     Be sure to measure the exact size of the unit that you purchased. Remember every nook and 

        cranny counts when you position your furnishings. FOCUS on the potential of your unit,not the Limitations.

        THINK BIG:

        Search for the wasted corners which can be used for storage.

        EXPLOIT, and WORK YOUR WALLS, Please visit Our Model unit at The Residences@Fairview, condominium in Quezon city.

        Even the smallest home can give you endless storage possibilities.          


         LIVING ROOM

        *go for built in cabinets--display mementos,books,picture frames

        *a flatscreen television takes up a lot of less space.

        *use an ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table



        *choose a bed that has an under bed storage.

        *use built in closets.


        *store everything according to function-utensils, cutlery,dry goods etc.

        *display your most attractive crockery and glasses and keep the rest away.

        *never allow items from all over the house to take up residence in the kitchen on a permanent basis.

        *don't allow your kitchen to become a dumping ground for paperwork or unopened mail.


3.     Envision the 30 sqm unit in its entirety.  Colors sets the atmosphere of a room-define the right
        balance to complement walls, furnishings, cabinet fixtures so that they can seamlessly flow together.
        Even the choice of an area rug can create an attitude. Discuss your vision with your designer or
        partner in creating a stylish home but keeping in mind what is practical.



        PERFECTION doesn't equal BEAUTY-

        the best INTERIORS are built up over TIME         





       a borrowed line from the gurus on how to create a stylish home.....