The Residences @ Fairview connects with our environment


GREETINGS ! Buying properties in the Philippines is not just a MUST HAVE specially to Filipino retirees but mostly to our overseas workers who ultimately dream of owning their first single home.


Even when the balloon BURST particularly in the US property market sector, real estate in the Philippines was pretty much unaffected.


The property market in the Philippines for a short time just plateaued but never really fell.This is attested to the fact that the big players like SM Property Development, Ayala Development Corporation, Eaton, Megaworld Development just slowed down with their construction. Today, big or small property developers want a piece of the cake in this emerging real estate market. 


The Residences @ Fairview, Condominium in Quezon City near FEU-NRMF not only wants to evoke modern architecture in it's simplicity but wishes to define a tranquil environment to the surroundings. Ample open spaces were allocated to afford the future dwellers at the Residences a leisurely walk in a manicured landscaped garden.

The rear section of building three and building two and facade of building one cluster B (facing Magnolia St) all ground floor levels offer the unit owners an opportunity to create their own pocket garden. A possibility to the home dwellers of The Residence @ Fairview, Condominium in Quezon City near FEU-NRMF  to reconnect with their environment. Make your dreams a reality-OWN A PROPERTY at the The Residences @ Fairview,  Condominium in Quezon City near FEU-NRMF. We will do the rest....