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History of Fairview



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The Residences@Fairview | Condominium Fairview Quezon City Philippines


History of Fairview


Fairview, an age of transformation








Fairview is a suburban community located in the northern side of Novaliches, Quezon City. Novaliches is contiguously connected with two sections of Caloocan City, Valenzuela City,San Isidro Del Monte City in Bulacan and Montalban, Rizal. The northern side of Novaliches comprise mainly of residential homes while the eastern side occupies the La Mesa Dam, source of water supply for the majority of Metro Manila residents.  Adjacent to the La Mesa Dam watershed is La Mesa Eco park known for rowing sports enthusiasts. It is also here that the rowing competition was held during the 2005 Southeast Asian Games.


Population swelled when the NATIONAL HOUSING AUTHORITY (NHA) spearheaded the development of socialized homes. The development of more housing projects ensued shortly thereafter by the GOVERNMENT SECURITY INSURANCE SYSTEM (GSIS). The sudden growth in population resulted in the emergence of Largo and Fairview.



In the past, there were no in-betweeners meaning people then were either city dwellers or country dwellers popularly called "probinsiyanos." City life was associated with wealth, better education, entertainment, and culture. Class distinction was more apparent with the poor city dwellers stuck in an obscure segment of the city.  On the other hand, these "probinsiyanos", or country side dwellers lived in provinces  where air is less polluted, and life more simple.



Today, the suburbs has found a new and unchallenged foothold in our society. Fairview, the new suburbia is home to many of these in-betweeners or middle class group. Many of these middle class group were retirees from the Philippine Armed Forces and from big corporation(s). The government recognized the needs of these new suburbia and one of this project was the road widening of Commonwealth Avenue, the longest and widest road in the Philippines. Fairview reaped the benefits from this government's road widening project, thus allowing  more commerce to flow due to easy link and access to the other districts of Quezon City. 




One of the main attraction was the development of FEU NRMF Medical School and Hospital. The presence of this prestigious university in Fairview encouraged businesses to flourish and meet the demands of these medical students. More Dormitories were built and continuously being constructed to accommodate the needs of incoming students. More noticeably seen are the mushrooming of restaurants and mom and pop stores. Worthy to note is College Square Dormitory, a boutique type of student accommodation which can house 127 residents. The features and amenities offered by College Square Dormitory escapes the ordinary and offers a homey vibe to their residents.



Fairview is continuously redefining its demography into becoming a model of urban development. Big time players like Ayala Corporation has joined its resources by partnering S&R, another mogul giant. Currently under construction will be the future site of Trinoma mall in the heart of the commercial hub of Fairview. A bold move to bring Fairview to a higher level of becoming a community to reckon with. Already creaming the reward of urbanization are other power players such as, SM Malls, Robinsons, Puregold and property developer DMCI.


Truly, Fairview is fast becoming the ultimate suburban community where serenity meets energy. After all, life in the suburbs enjoys the best of both worlds-working in the city but at the same time enjoying the comforts of a suburban home where the atmosphere is serene and tranquil.