Ready and Rolling


The Residences @ Fairview, Condominium in Quezon City near FEU-NRMF is set to order the second delivery of 10mm deformed bars grade 40 needed for the lateral ties of the basement.



Continuous fabrication of lateral ties are underway in anticipation of the release of our building permit.  

As the sage old proverb goes,"man proposes, GOD disposes" so we try not to leave any stone unturned by jump starting the construction of  The Residences @ Fairview, Condominium in Quezon city near FEU-NRMF.


With the Philippines property market showing a substantial robust growth, we at the Residences would like to remain committed in providing an affordable and yet aesthetically a STAND OUT architecture amidst the nearby neighborhood. Our walk up condo units are selling off the plan.


Price list for these units are available and will be happy to email them upon request. Watch out for our next blog...PROPERTY IN THE PHILIPPINES is here to stay !!!!!!