Reach for the sky


Time and again, we have blogged,promoted College Square Dormitory near FEU-Nrmf 


but never have we described the potential of creating an alfresco type of atmosphere for the incoming students of FEU NRMF.


With the 400 confirmed freshmen who passed the entrance exams at FEU NRMF, and another 300 more waiting on the fray,, there is little wonder that in no time, the school campus will be congested with the buzz of more students. Mind you, the majority of these freshmen are medical students, the future doctors of our country.


The BIG question? Is Fairview ready to receive and offer good eateries, decent and secure accommodations for these incoming freshmen? Perhaps. How about the WOW FACTOR of a 5 STAR ACCOMMODATION AT STUDENT BUDGET PRICE? Well, at College Square Dormitory, our bedrooms are spacious, well ventilated, airy and screened. Our room rates have been rolled back to stay competitive with all the amenities of a boutique type of accommodation. The highlight of them all is our bespoke roof deck specially conceptualized to create a calm haven for the study area and a multipurpose hall where all the residents of College Square Dormitory can socialize and interact after a hard day from school.


Please view our lease and rental webpage and be dazzled how an open soaring space roof deck with breathtaking landscaped garden can make one feel the comforts of home. Be inquisitive and visit us sometime at College Square Dormitory-we will make your stay worthwhile...