Interested in art? Be smart


Collecting art pieces can be a daunting task and taking that initial plunge can be a tricky thing. Preferences for the type of art pieces is a very subjective affair specially for those who buy on impulse. The buyer/collector runs the risk of ending in fakes specially for the newbie art aficionados.


As many gurus would attest, in the course of collecting art this best teacher in self learning tuition fee bla bla hullabaloo mistakes are unavoidable. However there are ways to minimize such risks. One Golden Rule attests gallery owners, auction houses always reiterate to buyers is to do a research, the more exhaustive the better. Here are a few tips on buying art: (reference-The STRAIT TIMES)


1. GET ON MAILING LISTS AND BE INVITED TO OPENINGS AND EXHIBITIONS. Talk to people on the  know. Gallery owners and artists are often the best sources of information about art.



2. BE CURIOUS When in doubt, ASK. If you have a niggling doubt about a piece of work,check it out. Museum curators, auction houses, or experienced collectors are the best source of information to share their expertise.



3. BUY WHAT YOU CAN SEE Avoid sites that work like a brokerage, where the people running these art sales and bidding sites collect a commission but see the artwork from the original owner only after the deal is made.



4. BE CAREFUL ABOUT SWEET DEALS Alarm bells should start ringing if works by famous artist are sold at a fraction of the price, unless the dealer or art gallery can provide sound reasons to explain the price differential.



5. LOVE WHAT YOU BUY Do not buy purely for investment. Different people have different collecting tastes. If you love the work you have bought,even if prices fall, at least you still enjoy the art piece.



6. WORK OUT A PLAN FOR COLLECTING Be focused and curate a meaningful collection-such as by theme, a particular genre or a period.




7. BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD Treat it as a hobby but pay only for quality. Top quality sometimes can mean top prices.




8. CHECK OUT ART FAIRS The affordable art fair are stepping stones into the world of art collecting. Go to as many as possible and learn to recognize quality art.




9. BUY FROM REPUTABLE AUCTION HOUSES, DEALERS, AND GALLERIES Reputable galleries and auction houses are unlikely to risk selling fakes for fear of damaging their reputations. They are also likely to have experts examining the artworks before sale. But there is no absolute guarantee.




10. THE INTERNET CAN BE YOUR BEST SOURCE OF INFORMATION-YOUR BEST FRIEND From amateur websites of fans who collate information about their favorite artists to specific websites with prices of artworks, such as ARTNET, the internet is a good starting place for research before you buy.