Get your new home without marrying money


Interesting title for the start of the year. First of all, allow me to greet everyone a happy new year. We did not go on a sabbatical but everyone was kept on their toes wrapping up the completion of our model unit at   


The Residences@Fairview, condominium in Quezon City near FEU-NRMF., soon to be published on our website. The creation of our model unit offers endless possibilities specially to the person on the go.



Interiors of the model unit are unlike the typical condo units that one sees on launches or rendered perspective. Rather, flexibility is the guiding principle behind this concept.We all live in a changing world where changes is the nature of life. Having this in mind, we focus on creating spacious room by using a well appointed fit to size furnishing, and keeping decors to the minimum. Using the right colors for the interiors is also a key factor in achieving a cozy livable atmosphere.



For our model unit, we chose off white for the main room and pastel celadon for the bedroom. The Residences@Fairview, condominium in Quezon City, offers practical tips on how to create a lifestyle without marrying money. Its all in our package of owning affordable homes by investing in your future. Take advantage of our early bird promo prices. Be a savvy and smart investor--pls follow us on facebook or twitter or visit us at