College Square Dormitory near Feu-Nrmf wows Manny Pacquiao's recent victory


Once again, Manny Pacquiao's recent bout vs Margarito brings pride to the Filipino people.



The Champ still basking in glory was also given a standing ovation as he entered congress where he is currently serving as congressman of Sarangani.



College Square dormitory near FEU NRMF lent their support during the recent fight by hosting an event for their hero PACMAN Pacquiao. There was an overwhelming spirit of euphoria when after 12 rounds, The Champ wAs declared a winner.


The celebration of Pacquiao's victory was a respite to many of our medical students who took time to enjoy the occasion. Kudos to you THE CHAMP.


Here's to our hero, MANNY PACMAN PACQUIAO !!!!!